Greetings from the President

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Nobuhiko Sugiyama, and I’m the chief of Masukou. With the motto of “Connecting breweries and customers”, our company takes care of the feelings of the sake breweries who make liquor painstakingly and many stories put in a drop of liquor. We would like as many people as possible to meet the tasteful liquor. I myself was also fascinated by the charm of shochu a while before the arrival of the shochu trend, and soon became one of the founders of the authentic shochu study group, and created an elaborate shochu “Enishi”. Although there is a lot of famous shochu and topical sake on the market nowadays, but we will continuously devote ourselves to offer shochu that customers haven’t seen yet, and propose liquor suit each customer’s taste. In addition, we will sell liquor without setting up our own price even if it is a premier product in order to respect the intentions of breweries, so please enjoy shopping with confidence. In the store near the Kappabashi tool street, we have a complete set of the item that you can not offer on the internet due to small quantity arrival, so please come to the store by all means. We cherish the relationship between people, and we would be happy if we could become a bridge between breweries and customers.

Nobuhiko Sugiyama