Site Policy

It is prohibited to reprint the information of the work of the text, the image, and the animation, etc. which exist on this site without permission.
Purpose of use of personal information
This site may register the personal information such as the name and the email address in the case of the contact form, the inquiry by mail, and the registration to the Mail magazine, etc. These personal information will be used to answer questions and to contact you by e-mail, etc., and will not be used for marketing purposes other than the purpose of providing personal information.
Disclosure of personal information to third parties
In this site, the personal information is managed appropriately, and it does not disclose it to the third person except the case which falls below. When there is a consent of the person in question, disclosure is necessary to cooperate with the law, etc.
Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion and suspension of use of personal information
In the case of the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, and the suspension of use of personal data from the person in question, we will confirm that it is the person in question, and we will correspond promptly.
Changes to the Privacy policy
This site complies with the laws and regulations of the Japan applicable to personal information, and strives to revise and improve the contents of this policy as appropriate. The updated privacy policy will always be disclosed on this page.
Copyrights and portrait rights of the images posted on this site belong to the respective owners of the rights. It is not for the purpose to violate the right. If there is a problem in the content of the article and the published image, please contact the owner of each right directly by e-mail. After confirmation, we will respond. When it is moved to other sites by the link and the banner, etc. from this site, it does not assume the responsibility of the information and the service etc. provided by the target site. Regarding the contents and information of this site, we try to put accurate information as much as possible, but there is a mistake that information enters, and information is outdated. Please understand that we are not responsible for any damage caused by the content posted on this site.